“In my 20s I learned the wrong things about leadership. In my 30s and 40s I set about learning the right things about leadership. In my 50s onwards, I am trying to help leaders learn the right things a lot more quickly than I did!”

Antony Bell

Antony Bell


Antony BellAntony’s keynotes deliver a unique message about the one critical need in leadership:  using the right leadership framework to cut through the complexity of leadership.  With powerful content and engaging style, Antony’s Leadership Framework shows you how you can deliver the kind of leadership you really need to exercise … whatever your role or context. 

Recent key notes include:

  • How Leadership Can Rescue Healthcare (Noaber Foundation, Amsterdam NL February 2017)
  • Rescuing Healthcare and Why Your Leadership Matters (GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit, Washington DC, April 2017).