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“We need a health revolution…
exactly what this book provides”

Steve Case, former CEO AOL

Rescuing Healthcare - Antony Bell


Great Leadership - Antony Bell

Great Leadership

The demand for competent and principled leadership is essential to your organization – and to your career. Leadership development expert, Antony Bell, offers the workable LDI Leadership Framework™ that makes sense of the many different leadership prescriptions that are out there. Great Leadership is for any leader looking to take charge of his or her growth.

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My Leadership Journal - Antony Bell

My Leadership Journal

This powerful tool helps you capture your thinking on leadership – whether from a book you’re reading, a conversation you’ve had, a movie you’ve seen, or an article you’ve read. Its simple structure and guided approach helps you remember what you are learning as a leader.

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Rescuing Healthcare - Antony Bell

Rescuing Healthcare

Healthcare in America is wildly inconsistent and uncomfortably close to bankruptcy. The only way it can be rescued is when leaders in all the different areas of healthcare step up with the right kind of leadership. Rescuing Healthcare shows these leaders why their leadership is so important and how to exercise the right kind of leadership – whatever their role or contribution.

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The Clock Tower - Antony Bell

The Clock Tower

Richard, the embattled CEO, is facing the greatest crisis of his career. Because of his poor leadership, the board decides to sell the business. Help comes unexpectedly from three mysterious figures who guide Richard in a profound leadership transformation. Richard is fictitious, but there is nothing fictitious about the misconceptions, challenges, and pitfalls he encounters – encountered by all leaders, who, by observing Richard, discover what transformed his leadership can transform theirs as well.

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